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General Information

ISoRED leadership is accepting applications to host the ISoRED 2025 meeting. Please submit your proposals to and by January 2, 2024.  Applications will be reviewed by the ISoRED leadership (current working group chairs) according to key factors including affordability, location and experience. A decision will be made early next year to ensure sufficient planning time. 

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Written Application

Application Instructions

Proposals should be brief - generally no more than 2 to 3 pages. The following information should be included in your proposals to host an ISoRED meeting:

  1. Name and affiliation of proposed local conference chair(s). Include information on previous experience organizing scientific conferences.

  2. Support committed or expected by the local employing institution.

  3. Proposed location and conference site, including type of facilities; proposed hotel with estimated nightly costs for rooms (and distance from venue), availability of streaming facilities for remote attendance/participation.

  4. Description of the local conference organizing committee including membership of early career scientists

  5. Proposed conference dates with at least one alternative for dates. Indication if there are any conflicts with other radiation or epidemiologic meetings.

  6. Describe organizational structure and staff for conference logistics management. (Specify whether a conference organizing company, university conference service, or staff will be hired for this purpose.)

  7. Initial ideas about overall conference theme and specific conference topics, recognizing that most of the scientific program will be determined by the submitted abstracts.

  8. Initial ideas on how to engage the Early Career Working Group of ISoRED in the organization and during the conference.

  9. Provisional budget including at least the following:

    Registration fee and estimated number of paying participants (early/late registrations, student fees, exhibitors, etc.) Expected sponsorship from local, national and international sources. Note if the industry sponsorship is being contemplated, this must be discussed and agreed with the ISoRED management before any formal agreement is reached. Sponsors should not be involved in determining the conference program.

    Conference facilities and equipment
    Meals, coffee breaks, conference dinner, etc. (if included in registration fee)
    Travel grants to participants in financial need
    free registration for winners of awards in 2023 should get free registration !
    Credit card payments and bank fees
    Personnel for preparing and running the conference (either from own institution or through an outside professional conference organizing company)
    Insurance fees, if applicable


  10. Proposed organizational timelines (i.e., countdown per major activity to the proposed conference date)

  11. List of the countries (or nationalities) which are required to ask for a Visitor-visa or a Visa-Waiver by the local government to visit the country of the hosting venue.

ISoRED is committed to the principles of diversity, integrity, civility,

and respect in all of our activities.

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