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About Us

ISoRED Mission

The International Society of Radiation Epidemiology and Dosimetry (ISoRED) is the first international society of scientists interested in radiation epidemiology and dosimetry. The society’s mission is to bring together radiation researchers from around the world to:

  • Discuss new results of studies of ionizing radiation effects in humans, epidemiologic methodology, and dosimetry

  • Support capacity building and training for the next generation of epidemiologists, statisticians and dosimetrists

  • Promote and facilitate international collaborations

Medical Tools

Key Initiatives

To achieve our mission ISoRED pursues the following activities:


  • A Scientific Webinar Series to organize and host open-access webinars that are relevant to ISoRED mission areas and targeted towards multidisciplinary audiences

  • An Early Career Investigator Working Group to assist with networking, mentoring, education and training, and facilitate participation at ISoRED meetings through fellowships and other means.

  • ISoRED organizes Periodic Scientific Meetings which will be held in cities around the world with low registration fees and student scholarships to improve access for the next generation of scientists and those from low and middle-income countries.


Our scientific meetings will be designed to complement existing meetings such as the Radiation Research Society and the European Radiation Research Society, with a strong commitment and focus on the three mission areas outlined above. Each session will cover epidemiology and dosimetry aspects and, as appropriate, other fields including clinical medicine, biology, social sciences, and humanities.  


The work of ISoRED is facilitated by a large number of volunteers who contribute to the society through our Working Groups.

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