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Amy Berrington

Amy Berrington, DPhil
Professor, The Institute of Cancer Research, London, England, United Kingdom


Elisabeth Cardis

Elisabeth Cardis, PhD

Director of the Radiation Program, Barcelona Institute for Global Health (ISGlobal), Spain

Working Groups                       

Speaking at Seminar

Goal: To plan periodic scientific meeting at locations around the world.

Communication Tower

Goal: To create and maintain a dedicated ISoRED website and social media platforms to communicate the society’s activities.

Scientific Mentoring

Goal: To assist early career investigators with networking, mentoring, education and training, and facilitate their participation at ISoRED meetings through fellowships and other means.

Scientific Conference

Goal: To identify ways to create a record of the ISoRED meetings including issuing a proceedings of the meeting, posting of presentations on the website, and other means.


Goal: To organize and host interdisciplinary webinars on topics relevant to ISoRED mission areas.

Awards Ceremony

Goal: To seek nominations from the radiation epidemiology, statistics, and dosimetry community on researchers with recent or lifetime consequential achievements.

Scientific Abstract Review

Goal: To review, score, and propose abstracts for oral or poster presentations at ISoRED meetings.

Space View of Earth

Goal: To set guidelines for potential hosts of future ISoRED meetings and review applications.

Sustainable Energy

Goal: To suggest and implement possible actions to reduce the adverse impact of ISoRED activities to the environment.

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