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Job Opportunities

Postdoctoral Fellowship in Epidemiology / Biostatistics

June, 2023 

Laboratory of Radiation Epidemiology, Centre for Epidemiology and Population Health,

National Institute for Medical Research (Inserm), France

Fixed term contract: 12 months

Starting date: October-November 2023


The Centre for Research in Epidemiology and Population Health is one research unit of the French National Institute for Medical Research (Inserm 1018). The center brings together more than 400 researchers, engineers, technicians, doctoral students and trainees working in most areas of health, such as chronic diseases, cancer and mental health, and is divided into 16 research teams. One of those is the Laboratory of Radiation Epidemiology ( It is located at the Gustave Roussy cancer campus (Villejuif, France), which is leading Cancer Centre in Europe, and has been ranked #3 world's best oncology hospital according to Newsweek magazine and the first one outside the United States. The team is composed of about twenty people. Our main research areas are childhood cancer survivorship and the investigation of late iatrogenic effects of radiotherapy and other cancer treatments, including second primary cancers. We devote an important part of our research activity to risk modelling in relation to the dose distribution from radiation treatments, risk prediction and genetic analyses.

Research focus

The focus of this postdoctoral research associate position will be on modelling risks of second primary cancers after radiotherapy, mainly among pediatric cancer survivors. The hired postdoctoral fellow will undertake activities on risk modelling and projection from international epidemiological studies (original research) and published literature (meta-analysis). The undertaken activities will involve study conception, data management, statistical analyses and drafting of reports and manuscripts.

Profile required

  • PhD in epidemiology or biostatistics

  • Significant research experience in research in epidemiology (experience in radiation epidemiology will be an asset)

  • Knowledge of the statistical methods and models used in radiation epidemiology and risk projection / quantitative risk assessment will be an asset

  • Programming in SAS and/or R or high proficiency in another statistical software

  • English language communication skills

  • Excellent writing skills

What we offer

The opportunity is initially for a period of 12 months. The gross salary will be between 2,950 and 3,350 euros per month. Health insurance will be covered. The job location is at the Laboratory of Radiation Epidemiology, Gustave Roussy cancer campus, Villejuif, France. The postdoctoral fellow will have all the necessary equipment to carry out his research work.

How to Apply

Applicants should send a cover letter and CV, by 15 July 2023, including list of publications and a description of previous research experience, as well as the names and contact information of academic referees, to: Neige Journy,

Postdoctoral Science Opportunity

May 1 2023 

Environment and Lifestyle Epidemiology Branch

International Agency for Research on Cancer


A postdoctoral scientist opportunity is available in the IARC Environment and Lifestyle Epidemiology Branch, to undertake activities on epidemiological studies on long-term health-effects, namely cancer risks and trans generation effects, in relation to ionizing radiation (IR) exposure due nuclear weapon tests in Kazakhstan.

The selected candidate will contribute to the activities in close collaboration with Dr Evgenia Ostroumova and Dr Joachim Schüz (Branch Head). She/he will participate in a) setting up a large cohort of people who lived in the proximity to the Semipalatinsk nuclear weapon test site and were exposed to IR, b) developing a study protocol and questionnaire for exposed parents - unexposed child constellation study, and c) participating in further research activities on radiation-related risk assessment for the study outcomes.

Even more than 70 years after the first test, the health consequences in the affected population and their offspring remain understudied. The affected population has several important features allowing a comprehensive assessment of radiation-associated risks and risks' modifying factors both for cancer and non- cancer diseases. It includes a wide age range at the beginning of exposure; exposure to parental gonads before the conception, and during the intrauterine development period; a combination of external and internal irradiation at a broad dose range; ethnic heterogeneity where differences in genetic background, dietary and lifestyle habits could interact with radiation-related risks; and a long time period after the exposure allowing the detection of health effects already occurred. Therefore, further multidisciplinary studies on this unique population would help to gain more insights on health risks associated with low-dose protracted irradiation to address people's concerns and fears and to inform radiation protection authorities at local and international levels.

Activities of the candidate involve fieldwork coordination, data management, statistical analyses, travel, progress report writing, and drafting manuscripts.
The successful candidate would ideally have:

  • a PhD in natural sciences, epidemiology or statistics

  • Experience in field-work coordination and study management

  • strong statistical analytical and programming skills

  • programming in STATA or high proficiency in another statistical package

  • English, and, preferably, French language communication skills

  • experience in environmental or radiation epidemiology.

The opportunity is initially for a period of 12 months. The current IARC postdoctoral stipend is Euros 2,950 per month. The cost of travel for the postdoctoral scientist, and in certain circumstances for dependants, will be met. Dependence and health insurance allowances will be paid, if applicable. Postdoctoral scientists at IARC have access to a wide spectrum of scientific disciplines and to a unique network of collaborators across the world. Applications from all countries are encouraged, including in particular from low- and middle-income countries. IARC welcomes around 60 postdoctoral scientists, at any one time, distributed across the Agency. For more information about postdoctoral stays at IARC, please read the Postdoctoral charter here. Interested candidates may contact Dr Evgenia Ostroumova ( with informal inquiries about the opportunity.


Applicants should send a cover letter and CV, by 15 May 2023, including list of publications and a description of previous research experience, as well as the names and addresses of two academic referees, to:
Mrs Catherine Chassin
Environment and Lifestyle Epidemiology Branch

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