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ISORED Society Meeting

Social Events

We will take advantage of the ISORED scientific meeting to have a hybrid meeting of the society at the end of the day on May 18 (exact time to be confirmed). Topics to be covered include

  • - membership of committees 

  • - nominations for leadership of the society

  • - choice of venue for the next meeting in 2025

  • - ISORED activities (mentoring, webinars, other)

Reception (16 May 2023)

- El café de la Plata – Passeig del Port d’Aguadolç, 47, Sitges, Barcelona

Meeting Dinner (17 May 2023)

- La Taberna del Puerto – Passeig del Port d’Aguadolç, 24, Sitges, Barcelona.

Social activities (afternoon of 17 May 2023)

We are working on this - please check again soon 

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